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Why a lawyer is necessity for a Formula 1 champ

By December 17, 2021February 16th, 2022Commercial, People, Sport

This season’s Formula 1 championship reached a dramatic conclusion last weekend, following Red Bull’s Max Verstappen overtaking of the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton on the penultimate lap. 

The finale was not necessarily expected to be entangled with such controversy, but given the fact a lawyer was brought to the track in advance, suggested that the race was not likely to proceed without a problem.

Soon after Verstappen’s win, it emerged that Mercedes had barrister Paul Harris QC accompany the team in Abu Dhabi for the grand prix, and without question used his services after the chequered flag in order to protest against the result.

This stimulated ample discussion as to whether or not Mercedes was preparing for a legal battle rather than a race.

Following the event, Red Bull was quoted commenting: ‘We are a race team. We did not come here with a QC. We did not come ready to protest.’

Since last weekends events, the Mercedes challenge appears to have failed, with Formula 1 officials turning down two protests against the result, with a further appeal still in discussion. 

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