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Conveyancing Solicitors


What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing simply refers to the legal process involved in buying and selling property and land. It is a tenet of residential and property law that requires an accredited and specialised Solicitor or licensed conveyancer to ensure that the buyer receives the correct title deeds to the property and the land involved. 

The end goal of the conveyance process is simply that land is transferred to a buyer legally and has good onward marketability. 

At Manak Solicitors, we have a dedicated, experienced, efficient and approachable team of Kent based residential lawyers to guide you through every step of the process and ensure that all land and properties are exchanged fairly and legally, with as little fuss as possible. 

The conveyancing process

The full conveyance process usually looks like this:

  1. Making or accepting an offer. If you are looking to purchase a property, then the first thing you need to do is seek out a specialist conveyancing Solicitor. They will negotiate on price with the legal representative of the seller and once a price is agreed, the legal conveyancing begins.
  2. You will need to ensure that the Solicitor is properly accredited, ideally with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme and that they are members of all major High Street Bank panels 
  3. Property searches and inspections. The buyer’s conveyancing Solicitor will organise a full inspection of the property and land, as well as gathering information from relevant organisations such as the local council, water and sewage companies etc.
  4. Confirmation of legal right to sell. The Solicitor will ascertain via the Land Registry that the seller has the legal entitlement to sell the property and land.
  5. Inventory of sale. The seller’s Solicitor will provide an itemised list of what is included in the sale, as well as a draft contract. For example, if any furniture or fittings are to be removed. These terms are negotiable. 
  6. Enquiries. The buyer’s Solicitor will raise enquiries for the seller to answer and will also ensure that mortgage financing is in place (if necessary).
  7. Setting a completion date. Once contracts are in an acceptable format to both parties and enquiries have been adequately addressed – Solicitors on both sides will negotiate a completion date for the seller to move out and the buyer to receive the keys to the property.
  8. Transfer of funds and exchange of contracts. Once the buyer transfers their deposit to their Solicitor, they will confirm to the seller that the finances are secure. The Solicitors on both sides will then confirm, usually over the telephone, that their clients are signing identical documents. The buying Solicitor will then conduct a final search of the property and check with the Land Registry that there have been no changes since the first enquiry.
  9. Final payment. The buyer’s Solicitor will request a release of funds from the mortgage lender and will transfer the money to the seller’s Solicitor on completion day. At this point the seller must hand over the keys and move out.
  10. Post-completion. The buyer’s Solicitor will pay any outstanding Stamp Duty Land Tax to HMRC on the buyer’s behalf. Once this is completed, the new owners will be registered with the Land Registry and new title deeds will be issued.


Why Choose Manak for Your Property Needs?


We use the latest technology to assist our qualified, experienced solicitors in moving your file along as fast as we can.


We pride ourselves on absolute attention to detail. We appreciate the significance of moving home and work to ensure everything is executed to the highest standard.


We encourage you to check our fantastic, transparent Google & Facebook reviews. We do not curate selected testimonials like some companies do.


We guarantee every single file we work on is overseen by a qualified Solicitor. This is not something our competitors will offer you.

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A Local Touch

Not only are we qualified, experienced and amiable, we’re also local to Kent and the surrounding areas. We’re familiar with the local property market and the major players within it. With offices in Sevenoaks, Orpington and Gravesend, we are best placed to offer advice and act on your behalf in the local property market.

We pride ourselves on our strong record of repeat business and being the preferred Solicitor for many families in the local area – we look forward to being of service to you. 

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