None of us are immortal and we cannot take our possessions with us. Therefore, the importance of making a Will and thereafter regularly reviewing it cannot be under estimated. Manak Solicitors based in Orpington, Kent on the outskirts of London, and also Manak Solicitors in Gravesend, specialise in Wills, Estate Planning and Probate.


Writing a Will is one of the most important asset planning measures you can take to protect your assets when you’re gone, and to ensure that they pass to the beneficiaries you wish to choose. Yet so many people don’t have a Will or put off updating their Wills which can cause a number of problems for their families when they pass away.

Some of the benefits of writing a Will include:

  • Being able to appoint designated people (Executors) to administrate your assets and property once you have passed
  • Being able to give specific gifts such as a cash gift to grandchildren or a gift of jewellery to a family member
  • Being able to nominate guardians to look after your children should both you and your partner have passed away
  • Being able to direct where your residuary estate is to pass, whether to a spouse, children or others
  • Being able to specify your funeral wishes so that your family isn’t left guessing when you pass on

Manak Solicitors keep the price of making a Will as low as possible to enable as many people as possible to put their affairs in order, and a simple Will only costs £150 plus VAT. Manak Solicitors is also aware of its corporate social responsibility and so partakes in both Free Wills Month and once a year runs a charitable Wills Month to help the elderly and more vulnerable make a Will.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

Our team of specialist Solicitors can prepare and register Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) at very competitive rates and at short notice if necessary.

LPAs are legal documents that you (the ‘Donor’) make using a special form. It allows you to choose someone (the ‘Attorney’) you trust to make decisions about things such as your finances and property on your behalf at a time in the future where you are no longer able to or you may lack the mental capacity to make those decisions yourself.

If you have already made an Enduring Power of Attorney you may want to consider revoking it and replacing it with an LPA as they give much better protection against fraud.

For more information please contact our Wills and  Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Gravesend or Solicitors in Orpington via our client contact form or directly by telephone or by email at

Other Services

In addition, Manak Solicitors also offers the following asset protection services:

  • Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Deputyship and Court of Protection Applications (including Statutory Wills)
  • Advice on Inheritance Tax issues and tax planning
  • Advice on Trusts
  • Preparation of Deeds of Trust over property

Most of our Wills services are offered to clients for a fixed fee so that you know the costs upfront. Should you require any further information about our costs or services please call our Orpington office on 01689 870769 or Gravesend office on 01474 324529.