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Settlement Agreements

By February 26, 2021July 14th, 2021Employment, People

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement which is made following the termination of your employment and/or an agreement to bring a dispute with your employer to an end.

A settlement agreement can be written in a legalistic language and refer to specific statutes and regulations. One of the most important term of your settlement agreement is that you must take legal advice on the terms of the agreement and your advisor must provide your employer with an Advisor Certificate confirming that you received independent legal advice from a qualified advisor.

We are experience in providing specialist independent legal advice in relation to settlement agreements and will ensure that you receive relevant and accurate advice. We have been representing and negotiating settlement agreement for more than 20 years, helping to ensure clients are adequately compensated without the need to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal.


Our service is paid by your employer so it is FREE OF CHARGE for you.

An experienced qualified lawyer will review your settlement agreement terms and conditions and provide you with legal advice and recommendations on the terms of the agreement based on your instructions, delivered within 1 working days.

The service includes:

  • An initial 10-minute call to clarify the circumstances leading to you being offered a settlement agreement and taking instructions from you.  
  • A review of your settlement agreement.
  • Remote meeting where the legal advisor will advise you on every term in the agreement and ensure that you understood it all before signing the agreement.
  • Delivery of your signed settlement agreement and signed Advisor certificate on the same day to your employer.
  • Liaising with the employer; 
  • A follow-up email providing you with your settlement agreement signed by both parties.

The service excludes:

  • Any drafting or revision of the wording of your settlement agreement.
  • Any change in original instructions.
  • Any negotiation with your employer; 
  • Further communication on the matter outside the services offered above.
  • Detailed advice on the merits of your potential Employment law claim.

What’s Next:

If you are happy with the above, simply contact us and we can get started.

Assumptions this service is based upon:

  • You agree to sign the settlement agreement following the advice;
  • You have read, understood what this service includes, excludes, and determined that it meets your specific needs.
  • The only governing law is that of England & Wales.

What you need to provide:

The first step after purchase will be to provide verification of your identity as listed below:

  • Photo ID: A copy of a valid passport or driving licence
  • Copy bank statement or utility bill within 3 months
  • Contact details of your HR manager
  • Copy of the settlement agreement;
  • Your comments, questions and concerns you wish to raise relating to the terms and conditions of your settlement agreement.

We want to support you!

If you have any questions you would like to raise regarding employment law, please get in touch.

We also provide a tailored advice on the merits of your claim and negotiating a better deal for you with your employer.

If you are also interested in further detailed advice not covered in the above, simply contact us with an outline of your requirements. We will provide a tailored quote to meet your needs.

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