The Landlord & Tenant Law governing residential properties is complex and always changing. Our experienced Landlord & Tenant Solicitors in Gravesend & Orpington are here to help Landlords with all disputes and other related issues.

Tenancy Agreements & Disputes

When creating a tenancy agreement it is imperative that both parties obtain independent legal advice from a Landlord and Tenant Solicitor and ensure that all appropriate notices are served and proper forms are adequately completed. Failing to do so will result in complications in the long term and may also result in the tenants acquiring a lot more rights than intended.

On residential properties if the tenant pays a deposit it must be deposited with an authorised deposit holding organisation failing which the landlord could be liable to repay to the tenant the full deposit plus three times the deposited sum as compensation. Further, until the deposit is deposited with an authorised deposit holding organisation the Courts will not entertain any applications made by or on behalf of the landlord.

Further in residential properties it is a criminal and civil offence to enter a Property without first obtaining a Court Order even if the tenant is refusing to pay rent or has left the Property without telling the Landlord. Committing such offences may render the landlord having to pay heavy fines and compensation to the tenants.

Therefore, it is imperative that legal advice is taken before granting a tenancy agreement or before any steps are taken to re-possess property.

Experienced Landlord and Tenant Solicitors

Our experienced Solicitors can assist with all of the above and help to mitigate any losses if you find that you have already breached the rules.

We can also advise you on the different options that are available to you. The options will depend on the circumstances of each case, however they may include any or all of the following:

  • An initial letter to the tenant requesting that they vacates the property and/or settle the rent arrears
  • Issuing formal notices demanding that the defaulting tenant vacates your property
  • Recovery of rent arrears via litigation
  • Re-Possession of your property by obtaining the appropriate court orders to enable bailiffs to use force if necessary

For more information please contact our Landlord & Tenant Solicitors in Gravesend, Orpington, Kent and London via our client contact form, directly by telephone or by email at

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