Samir has been able to assist clients with Northern Rail cases for many years and has an excellent working relationship with their prosecution team. Samir has an excellent success rate for achieving out of court settlements.

When stopped by Northern Rail, they will take your name, address, and date of birth. They will send you a letter asking for your mitigation for consideration before they decide to prosecute you. 

We have been able to help countless clients by making thorough persuasive arguments to secure settlements. 

If you attempt to deal with the matter yourself and your submissions do not persuade the prosecution team, you will be prosecuted which will result in a criminal record.


CASE STUDY 1- Our client had approached two other solicitors before contacting our firm. He was told that his case had no hope of settling and that he should not do anything. The circumstances were that he had been convicted in his absence two years prior and did not know as he never received any paperwork. Our client quickly approached the Court to make a statutory declaration to re-open the case. When we were instructed, we were able to make submissions to the prosecution team in advance of the hearing and agree a settlement in principle. This meant that the hearing was no longer required and instead the prosecution team withdrew the case as it had been settled. We were pleased that we were able to assist our client where other solicitors could not given our specialist knowledge in this area.CASE STUDY 2- Our client had failed to pay a penalty notice and therefore was facing prosecution. We were able to make submissions and convince the prosecutor to resolve the matter out of court and as such our client avoided a criminal record