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Campaign Pledges

By September 17, 2020Government

Post-referendum politics has become somewhat argumentative. Whilst the Conservatives may have put the cap back on the bottle in terms of their own political differences, the Labour Party appears to be bent on self-destruction.  Winston Churchill said of Clement Atlee, the first post-war Labour Prime Minister, “A modest man, who has much to be modest about”. Not that this could be levelled at either of the Labour leadership contenders!

Law is ultimately Applied Politics. We, lawyers, have to navigate the political storms and look for landfall on distant horizons.  We look at the manifestos of politicians and try and discern in the small print what it might mean for our clients. The Leadership manifestos of Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith have the benefit of being very clear and unambiguous. We are summarising some main points below.

Companies with more than 250 employees should be required to recognise a specific union for collective bargaining over pay. Reintroduction of sector-wide Wages Councils Worker representation on boards*
Repeal of the Trade Union Act 2016 Repeal of the Trade Union Act 2016
Outlaw Zero Hours Contractsand the right to bring unfair dismissal claims from DAY 1 of employment Outlaw Zero Hours Contractsand the right to bring unfair dismissal claims from DAY 1 of employment
Abolition of Tribunal fees Abolition of Tribunal fees
National Living Wage to be increased to£10 per hourCompanies to pay compensation for cancelled shifts 

Full campaign pledges as follows:-

Owen Smith: Workplace Manifesto.

Jeremy Corbyn: Policies.

Manak Solicitors 5th August 2016

  • This pledge on worker representation has also been made by Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May

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