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By September 21, 2020July 14th, 2021Immigration

On 28th January 2019, the UK Government outlined arrangements that are to put in place for EU citizens if the UK was to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 without a deal. The Government has made it clear that this policy does not apply to EU citizens already living in the UK, prior to 29 March 2019. Those already in the UK will be protected by the EU Settlement Scheme.

If there is no deal reached between the UK and the EU by 29 March 2019, EU citizens will be able to enter the UK for the purpose of visiting, working or studying, for up to 3 months free of charge. Stays of longer than 3 months will however require European Temporary Leave to Remain, which if granted, will be valid for a period of 3 years, and will be subject to a fee.

Those wishing to stay in the UK for longer than 3 years will be required to apply for further leave to remain under the new skills-based immigration system, which is due to begin in 2021.

Irish citizens are exempt from the policy and will not need to apply for European Temporary Leave. They will continue to enjoy the right to enter and live in the UK under the Common Travel Area.

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Kemesha Lynch

Head of Immigration

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