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This questionnaire should provide us with most of the information required to draft a Will for an individual or ‘Mirror’ Wills for a couple (‘Mirror’ Wills have identical provisions usually leaving everything to each other). We will prepare the document on the basis of these instructions, subject to any changes that you may make as a result of discussions with us.

Please answer all the questions. Once completed, please return this questionnaire to the Solicitor dealing with your matter.

A standard Will covers a number of typical situations including:

- A couple who wish to leave their estates to each other or, failing that, to their children, if necessary on reaching the age of 18, 21 or 25.
- A couple who wish to leave their estate to each other or, failing that, to one or more named beneficiaries.
- An individual who wishes to leave his or her estate to named beneficiaries.

In each of these situations, our service can include provisions such as; leaving cash legacies, disposing of personal effects, expressing funeral wishes and, if relevant, appointing guardians.

The fixed prices include a short consultation in person, preparation of the Will(s) and sending the finished product to you for signature or overseeing its completion at our offices.

As personal circumstances and wishes vary widely from one person to another, there can be no absolute rules about what is or is not a typical situation. If there is any doubt, we will quote a price before beginning work so that you can be sure exactly how much you will be charged.

Fees incurred will be based on the time spent, charged at a specified hourly rate.

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