Samir Moftah is able to assist with Chiltern Railways fare evasion cases and has done so for a number of years. Samir is extremely experienced and has successfully dealt with many difficult cases.

If you have not paid for your fares correctly, your details will be taken by the inspector including your name, date of birth and address. Whilst some cases will be dealt with by penalty fare, some cases will go further and can lead to prosecution. 

There are two ways Chiltern will contact you. The first is by letter from their Fraud department. This letter will have a Chiltern Railways reference and be on letterheaded paper. You will be asked for any mitigation you wish to present for them to consider when deciding if you should be prosecuted. The second way to be contacted can be through Transport Investigations Limited, a company often instructed by Chiltern Railways to assist with prosecutions. 

If Chiltern Railways decide to prosecute you, you will receive a court summons. This will require you to either plead guilty or not guilty within 21 days or attend a hearing. If you are found guilty, you will receive a criminal record. 

It is best to contact us as soon as possible even if you have not received a letter as we can often have matters dealt with quicker. The best solicitors will have a direct contact to the prosecution department and have excellent working relationships with them. 

Even if you have received a court summons, it is not too late, we are often able to assist by obtaining an out of court settlement which in effect means the prosecution does not continue and you avoid a criminal record. 

Samir has helped countless clients over the years in regard to Chiltern Railways prosecutions successfully. We have market leading rates and work quickly to take the stress away for you with an extremely high success rate of reaching out of court settlements.


STUDY 1- Our client was working under an international visa. He did not have a valid ticket on more than one occasion and was stopped by an inspector. This led to the client being contacted by the fraud department as they were looking to prosecute which would have led to a criminal record. We were instructed by our client and were able to make representations to the prosecutor which led them to settle the case within one day. We had a very relieved client who was able to continue working and have no issues with his visa. 

STUDY 2- Our client worked within the construction trade and due to insufficient funds had a short ticket for journeys over two months. Our client had not been contacted by the prosecution team but had been stopped and was anxious. We were able to quickly work on his case and have the matter settled promptly which allowed our client to remain in work and avoid a conviction.

STUDY 3- Our client had avoided his fares for over eight months by purchasing a short ticket. He was stopped by an inspector and had been written to. We were able to make representations to the prosecutor and were able to settle the case within one day. 

STUDY 4- Our client had not paid for her fares for a number of months. She had been stopped by an inspector but not contacted by the prosecutor. We were able to contact them, obtain disclosure and make representations in order to have the case settled promptly. Our client was very relieved and very grateful as this allowed her to keep her job and travel abroad. 

STUDY 5- Our client had not paid for her fares correctly for three years. She had been contacted by the prosecutor as they were looking to convict her given the extensive fare evasion. Through our legal submissions, we were able to persuade them to settle out of court which meant that our client did not have to attend court and avoided a conviction thus remaining in employment.