Samir has dealt with Southeastern railways for a number of years and has dealt with an extremely high volume of cases. He is well placed to assist as he has an excellent working relationship with the Prosecution department and has streamlined his approach which has led to an extremely high success rate for out of court settlements. Settlements are reached promptly not requiring our clients to have sleepless nights and stress. 

When you are stopped by an inspector, they will take your details being your name, address and date of birth. They will often have access to disclosure of your previous travel and as such will be aware of the extent of your offending. 

You will receive a Southeastern letter with a Southeastern reference on letterheaded paper. This will ask you for your mitigation before they decide to prosecute you. If you are unable to settle the matter, you will be prosecuted which will result in a criminal conviction. 

When you contact Samir, he will take the details of your case within a consultation, advise you and determine the best strategy for your case. We will then make representations to Southeastern which if successful will lead to an out of court settlement and avoid a criminal record. 

Samir is often able to settle cases within two days of being instructed and is highly effective in his work on behalf of clients.


CASE STUDY 1- Our client had not paid for his fares correctly for over a year. He was contacted by Southeastern who requested mitigation from him. Samir was able to make legal representations and persuade the prosecutor to settle the case out of court despite the lengthy period of offending. Our client was able to retain his employment due to this. 

CASE STUDY 2- Our client had received a court summons for not paying for his fare evasions correctly. Through our enquiries we were able to establish that there were multiple prosecutions outstanding that our client was not aware of. Through our submissions, we were able to settle all cases out of court despite the repeated nature of the offending for a very relieved client. 

CASE STUDY 3- Our client had been contacted by Southeastern as she had failed to pay for her fares correctly on multiple occasions. Through our submissions, we were able to settle the matter out of court on the same day as we were instructed. 

CASE STUDY 4- Our client had not paid her fares for over a year. Despite the extensive level of offending, we were able to settle the matter on the same day as we were instructed through making legal submissions. 

CASE STUDY 5- Our client had avoided his fares on multiple occasions. He had been stopped but had not received a letter from Southeastern. Through our efforts , we were able to settle his case promptly out of court. 

CASE STUDY 6- Our client had avoided her fares multiple times by purchasing a short ticket. This would have led to her losing her job as her role required DBS checks. We were able to settle out of court promptly to avoid a conviction through representations. 

CASE STUDY 7- Our client was a student and had avoided paying fares on multiple occasions. This could have led to her losing her university place and not being able to go into her chosen profession. Through our representations we were able to secure an out of court settlement so that our client could pursue her ambitions. 

CASE STUDY 8- Our client had not paid for his fares correctly. This was particularly stressful for him as he was accused of not paying fares which amounted to thousands of pounds. Through our methodical approach, we were able to settle the matter for our client for less than a £1,000 despite the allegations. Our client was able to continue in his work. 

CASE STUDY 9- Our client had an international visa and therefore could not afford to receive a criminal record. She had been dishonest at the scene and had not paid for multiple journeys over an extensive period. Through our efforts, we were able to settle the matter out of Court. 


Thank you very much for all your help it’s much appreciated. I’m glad this is all behind me now.  

Many Thanks for all of your help during this process. 

Thankyou so much Samir. I didn’t expect it to be so quick. Never seen anyone as professional. You saved me from great trouble. Thanks a million.

That’s great news and a great relief indeed. Thank you very much.

Once again thank you so much for helping me in this matter.