Greater Anglia

Samir has assisted several clients over many years when faced with prosecution by Greater Anglia. 

Greater Anglia at the scene will take your name, address, and date of birth. A letter will be sent to you asking you for your mitigation.

If they are not persuaded to settle out of court, you will face a prosecution which is likely to result in a conviction. 

Samir has an excellent working relationship with the prosecution team having negotiated with them for many years. Samir is well placed to assist to resolve cases quickly taking the stress away for clients.


CASE STUDY 1- Our client was in a sensitive career in which a conviction would have been devastating to their career. The offending took place over three years where they failed to purchase correct tickets. Through our carefully managed submissions, we were able to persuade the prosecutor to settle the matter out of Court thus avoiding a criminal record.

CASE STUDY 2—Our client was a student and had been stopped by a prosecutor. He approached us before receiving a letter. We were able to open dialogue with the prosecution team and settled the matter out of Court promptly.