Employment Law Fees – Employees


Initial Advice

We offer a discounted initial fixed fee appointment for £200.00 plus vat. 

We also offer other discounted rates for some types of initial work, please ask us about this when you call. Discounted rates can be offered for up to the first 3 hours of work.


Settlement Agreements

The minimum fee for advising you on the terms and conditions of signing your Settlement Agreement is £350.00 plus vat. It is usual for your employer to contribute a minimum of £350.00  plus vat towards your costs.

We may be able also to assist you with negotiate some of the terms of the agreement or a higher settlement amount. Our fees for negotiating your agreement shall be agreed with you in advance. We may be able to offer you a fixed fee.


Tribunal Hearings

How long will my matter take?

Your claim may be resolved after negotiating directly with your employer or via ACAS. This may take 4-6 weeks. If negotiation is unsuccessful and the case goes to a final hearing it may take 26-36 weeks until the end of the case.

Key stages & Costs:

Please see below a table to show how costs are incurred in an Employment Tribunal Claim.

Various funding options which may be available to you ie an insurance policy or an instalment plan or a loan. We will discuss these options with you at your first appointment.

Our general commercial charge out rate is £275.00 per hour plus VAT and disbursements. 

Activity & Key Stages Time Estimated cost
Meeting with client, taking initial instructions, advising client, receiving all supporting documents, reviewing and considering. Preparation of Pre-action letter to employer if relevant. 3-6 hours £825.00 – £1650.00
Preparation of Claim/Response Form in terms of liaising with client, reviewing claim and all documentation, producing a draft, including amendments and finalising and issuing or responding online to the Tribunal 5 – 7 hours £1375.00 – £1925.00
Preparing list of documents and dealing with inspection (up to 100 pages) 2 – 8 hours £550.00 – £2200.00
Exchange of documents 2 – 6 hours £550.00 – £1650.00
Further enquiries 2 – 6 hours £550.00 – £1650.00
Preparation joint index 2 – 6 hours £550.00 – £1650.00
Prep bundle of documents 2 – 16 hours £550.00 – £4400.00
Preparation of witness statements On the basis that each witness statement will take in the region of 8 hours to prepare draft & complete (to include the time taken to interview the witnesses) and based on 3 witnesses inc client £6600.00
Preliminary matters 6-12 hours £1650.00 – £3300.00
Scott schedule 6-12 hours £1650.00 – £3300.00
Additional disclosure 6-12 hours £1650.00 – £3300.00
Preparation for main hearing or instructions to counsel and collating all relevant documents. 6-20 hours £1650.00 – £5500.00
Travel, waiting time and Advocacy at Tribunal hearing On the basis of a 1 or 2 day hearing with a standard day at Tribunal being charged at 8 hours per day. * £2200.00 – 4400.00
Witness training (one session for all witnesses) 2 hours preparation £550.00
2 hours for training session £550.00
Miscellaneous issues:
(travel, telephone or email discussions with client/ACAS/tribunal/counsel, opp solicitor/party, preparation of hearing bundle, potential settlement discussions, correspondence with Tribunal ACAS, client and the Claimant/Claimants Rep. Participation in interlocutory hearings not included.)
15 – 20 hours £4125.00 – £5500.00
Total £25,575.00 – £48,125.00


These are basically out of pocket expenses incurred on your matter ie Barrister’s Fees, Court fees etc. 

Barrister’s fees will depend on the seniority of the barrister you chose to instruct. As an estimate a barrister will charge between £1000.00 to £2500.00 per day plus vat.