Senior Appointments

The relationship between your company and senior executives/board members needs to be clear, unambiguous and legally secure. Senior appointments have unique challenges which you should be aware of and addressing from the outset. These appointments often involve hiring from a competitor, meaning that it is even more crucial to have a legal partner with the experience to protect your organisation from any potential legal issues.

As specialists in senior appointments, Manak Solicitors have years of experience advising organisations on the legal complexities involved with the process. We will ensure that your recruitment process is compliant with the law and existing contracts, while ensuring that your agreement between you and your new senior appointment has both of your best interests at heart.

Board level employment law advice 

If you are recruiting at board level, the scrutiny on the contracts involved has to be scrupulous. Our employment law team will guide you with making sure that contracts for board level executives have the highest legal protections, while assessing any impact from any post-termination restrictive clauses from their previous contract. 

Senior management teams and executive boards can be a source of legal technicalities and risks, especially around exiting board members or team restructures. We can help you protect your business by ensuring that all senior employment contracts are structured to be pragmatic, secure and transparent. 

As an external firm, we are in a position to advise internal HR departments based on our experience with other organisations. Situations that benefit from Manak Solicitors’ involvement include:

  • An objective, independent opinion is required on a sensitive issue
  • A senior employee raises issues or concerns regarding their status as a shareholder/director/board member
  • Issues raised at senior level are of a sensitive nature and would be best resolved externally
  • The termination of a senior member of staff’s contract
  • Internal employment policies are proving to be unworkable for one or more parties
  • Internal HR staff or legal counsel are involved with the issue

Don’t let sensitive issues or disputes at board level escalate in terms of cost, time or damage. Our team of employment solicitors will help you reach fair and amiable solutions to any dispute and help you set up processes to minimise any future matters.

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