Surinder Singh Manak

Surinder was born in May 1969 in a small village in Punjab, India and is the younger of two brothers.

He came to UK in June 1982 at the age of 13 and entered the English education system in the then 3rd year in a secondary school in a typical inner city School in Woolwich and eventually graduated with Law Degree from a University in Birmingham.

Surinder secured a training contract with a Solicitors firm in Derbyshire, where in May 1999 he was admitted to the roll as a Solicitor. Surinder’s  move to Derbyshire opened up many doors for his career, where he began working as an assistant conveyancing Solicitor before moving back to London in July 2002 and joined Charles Whiting Solicitors in Orpington as an associate Solicitor.

Surinder’s goal was in sight and by December 2002, he negotiated an ambitious deal with late Mr Charles Whiting and from 1st February 2003 became Senior Partner and began trading as Manak & Whiting Solicitors which in 2008 evolved into Manak Solicitors LLP and in April 2016 changed its status to Manak Lawyers Ltd.

Since becoming a partner in 2003 Surinder has taken control of the firm and spearheaded its growth. The success of Manak Solicitors has seen our staff numbers grow from single figures to 45+ and the annual turnover has increased by more than ten fold. The considerable growth of the firm has created and is continuing to create a rising number of opportunities to enable the company to develop and successfully evolve.

Surinder’s ‘open-door’ policy reflects his approachable manner which allows clients and staff to informally discuss issues as and when they arise, and then by ensuring the smooth running of the business while maintaining professionalism, integrity and high standards.