High Court Claims & Injunctions

High court claims against you from a former employer have the potential to be expensive, time consuming and stressful. However, unless you are clearly at fault or do not act appropriately to requests from the court, you shouldn’t automatically believe that your employer will be successful. 


Why Do Employers Make Claims To The High Court?

More often than not, the main reason we see employers take out a high court injunctions against former employees is to enforce post termination restrictive clauses and covenants, preventing the employee from threatening their business interests. This usually takes the form of:

  • Taking client information to poach business
  • Working for a competitor and taking confidential client information
  • Starting a competing business

Our team of employment solicitors will assess the situation and respond on your behalf to high court requests and proceedings. We have a successful record on both sides of the courtroom so can advise you on what to anticipate from your employers and how you can best represent your side of the argument. 

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