Employment Contracts & Consultancy Agreements

One of an employee’s most powerful assets is a fair contract that transparently reflects what has been agreed with a new employer and sets them well up for any future developments. This is just as relevant for self-employed contractors and freelancers as it is for full time employees. 

Our team of employment lawyers will use their decades of collective experience in employment and contract law to ensure that you get an agreement that reflects your worth to a business, safeguards you from future legal issues, and has your future career aspirations in mind.


What to expect from your contract

There are some basic items that your employment contract has to include by law:

  • Pay
  • Working conditions
  • Pension benefits and contributions
  • Share and stock options
  • General benefits
  • Flexible/remote working arrangements

However, there are other covenants or stipulations that will usually apply to more senior members of staff around restrictions immediately after leaving the company. These often include restrictions on taking client information, working for direct competitors or setting up rival organisations in the immediate aftermath of them leaving the company.

Other covenants that can be included are confidentiality clauses regarding sensitive company or client information, preventing employees from divulging such information under threat of breach of contract. 

Employers can attempt to put a wide variety of clauses in an employee’s contract and the breadth and duration of certain clauses can be negotiated. That’s why at Manak Solicitors we are able to provide expert legal advice as to whether your contract is fair, legal, representative and positive for your career. By understanding your career aspirations, as well has your employer’s expectations and position, we can assure you positive outcome to contract negotiations.


Employment law advice for consultants

More and more people are moving away from working full time to becoming self-employed consultants or freelancers. We’re here to advise you on negotiating contracts with your clients that represent both sides’ expectations of the relationship and provide a clear understanding of potential contractual issues. From the terms and conditions of business to full service level agreements, a clear contract is just as important for the self-employed as it is for full-time employees.

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