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A growing staff is one of the signs of a thriving business but employing people can come with risks. One of the best ways to protect your organisation from these risks is to make sure you have bespoke, robust contracts and policies in place. We’re here to offer legal advice to your business from our specialist employment solicitors to make sure your employment contracts are serving your organisation as well as they can.


Advice and support with employment law

Our team of experienced solicitors can support you with all aspects of employment law. From the initial recruitment stage, to contracts, policies and safeguards, to proper termination, we want to make sure you have full legal coverage to protect your business from litigation or legal pitfalls. Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of restrictive clauses and covenants 
  • Flexible working requests and rights
  • Employment status tests
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Employee performance
  • Allegations of harassment or bullying in the workplace
  • Claims of unfair dismissal
  • Allegations of discrimination
  • Absences
  • Outsourcing
  • Incentive schemes
  • Changes of contracts and agreements 
  • TUPE regulations
  • Appointment and/or removal of Senior/board level employees
  • Redundancy 
  • Human Resources
  • GDPR compliance, management and other data protection best practice


Recruitment and the law

Bringing people into your business is an exciting opportunity to grow your team but it can pose some legal risks that need to be managed correctly. It’s much quicker, safer and cheaper to ensure that you are legally compliant from the outset than retroactively seeking to sort problems down the line. 

Manak Solicitors can provide you with our years of expansive experience in employment law to make sure you recruit the best candidates in the right way. Our collective expertise covers all tenets of employment and recruitment law, including:

  • Ensuring that your job descriptions are non-discriminatory or unconsciously biased
  • Ensuring that you have the correct HMRC employment status definition for the role
  • Making sure that you carry out a fair, transparent and objective selection process
  • Advising on onboarding processes and procedures
  • Consulting on the right offer processes and check


Contractors, freelancers and agency outsourcing

More and more people are choosing to work for themselves or on a contract basis. Because of this, recruitment law can get complicated when recruiting outside of traditional full time structures. 

We’re here to advise on the rights of agency workers, contractors, or the self-employed and ensure that your business doesn’t not unwittingly fall into any legal issues.

Inductions and new hires

There’s a lot to take in when someone joins a new business, but this is the perfect time to take a moment to ensure that new hires understand their role and the business while feeling welcomed. Our team of employment solicitors will advise you on creating induction processes that make sure every new employee understands the contract between them and their employer as well as introducing them to the organisation’s policies and culture.

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