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Employment contracts and policies are one of the best measures against your business being harmed by outgoing or existing employees. Safeguard your organisation against former staff poaching clients or divulging confidential information with our best-in-class knowledge of employment law. Keeping your policies bespoke and relevant also encourages a positive internal workspace where employees feel respected and looked after. 

Employment law is a dynamic and ever-changing subject, so it is integral to any business that they have the right understanding and legal partner to ensure compliance and protect their business.


Safeguarding against employee actions

It can be an uncomfortable subject to broach, but employees do leave and often take valuable information, experience and customer relationships with them. Employment contracts and good internal policies regarding post-termination restrictions can limit the damage that former and existing employees can do to your business. By insisting on these polices and clauses, you can easily prevent employees from immediately working in direct competition with you, as well as stopping them taking clients, information, or even other employees. 

In a post-GDPR world, it has never been more important to ensure that your data sharing regulations are absolutely air-tight. Not only for your own legal compliance but also with regard to staff members taking and using customer data. This is just as pertinent for current employees as it is for exiting ones; your business can be dealt irreparable damage through illicit internal data leaks and other breaches. 

At Manak Solicitors, we will help ensure that your employment contracts safeguard your business as much as possible and that your contracts are tailored specifically to you. In order to protect your organisation, clauses and policies need to be specific and relevant to any information, clients or practices that you engage with. Don’t settle for generic contracts designed for other businesses.


Creating a safe, productive, and happy workplace

Get the most out of your employees and help them get the most out of their time working for you. Clear, bespoke contracts and policies aren’t just a safeguarding resource, they are vital management tools that create an unambiguous and clear relationship between company and employee. By keeping all parties up to date with internal regulations and policies, you will always be coming from a place of strength when dealing with internal disputes or underperforming employees. 

Manak Solicitors are here to make sure your employee contracts and internal policies are completely bespoke, compliant with regulations, and safeguard both you and your staff from harmful practices. Whether you need new contracts drafted or an audit of existing agreements, we are here to help you get the most out of your relationship with your staff.

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