Transport for London

Samir has assisted clients with Transport for London cases for many years. Over the years, TFL have an aggressive policy of prosecuting for fare evasion especially in recent times. It is important that tactically the case is approached correctly to give a client the best chance of obtaining settlement.  

TFL will take your name, address and date of birth at the scene. You are then sent a letter asking for your mitigation for them to decide if they should prosecute you. They will consider their prosecution policy which was recently published. 

We will advise you if submissions should be made or if a different tactical approach should be taken. We will also consider what supporting information should be sought to demonstrate any exceptional circumstances. 

Matters can be resolved by a warning or conditions as set by the prosecutor. Where settlement is not possible with TFL, sentencing arguments can be made at Court in order to try to avoid a conviction. 


CASE STUDY 1- Our client had a visa to work within England. He also worked within a profession which if convicted would have resulted in him being struck off. Through our submissions and careful construction of the evidence, we were able to persuade TFL to withdraw the prosecution of our client.

CASE STUDY 2- Our client had used a freedom pass for a number of times. Their career required international travel and as such a conviction would have been devastating. We were able to obtain evidence and construct persuasive submissions which resulted in TFL agreeing to withdraw the prosecution. 

CASE STUDY 3- Our client had used a freedom pass several times. Our client instructed us to represent him at Court. We were able to make representations which persuaded the court to sentence him by way of a conditional discharge, meaning he avoided a criminal record and was non disclosable.