Govia Thameslink

Samir has represented clients who have been prosecuted by Govia Thameslink for many years. He has an extremely high success rate in achieving out of court settlements for clients. 

When stopped by Govia Thameslink, the inspector will take your name, address, and confirm your date of birth. A letter will be sent to you with a Govia Thameslink reference on letterheaded paper. 

If Govia Thameslink do not receive satisfactory mitigation, you will receive a court summons where if you are found guilty, this will result in a criminal record.

Samir is well placed to assist with Govia Thameslink cases. Samir can contact the prosecution team directly and has an excellent working relationship. He can make suitable submissions in order to persuade the prosecutor to settle the matter out of Court. Samir is generally able to finalise cases within a couple of days of being instructed. 

Case Studies

Case Study 1- Our client had an international visa and therefore if they were convicted would have had difficulties in remaining in the country. Through our submissions, we were able to persuade the prosecutor of the exceptional circumstances in the case and secured a settlement for a very relieved client. 

Case Study 2-  Our client was an international student whose visa was at risk due to offending. We were able to persuade the prosecution to settle the matter out of Court and as such our client could continue their studies. 

Case Study 3- Our client had not paid for his fares for over a year. Our client contacted us before he had received a letter from the train company. We were able to quickly work on his case and reached agreement promptly on his matter thus saving him stress and worry about his future. 

Case Study 4- Our client had lived abroad and returned travelling whilst using an expired railcard over a prolonged period. Through our submissions, we were able to resolve matters out of Court and as such our client could continue in his career. 

Case Study 5- Our client had not paid for her fare correctly on one occasion. A criminal record would have been devastating for her career. We were able to settle the matter promptly out of court thus avoiding a criminal record for our client.

Case Study 6- Our client had not paid their fares over a prolonged period of time. Our client had pleaded not guilty to the charges despite not having a defence and as such his matter was listed for trial. We were contacted by our client just prior to the trial. We were able to make submissions on our client’s behalf which settled the case promptly and avoided him having to attend Court and more importantly a criminal record.