Family Finances

Money and property can be the cause of many of the disputes following the breakdown of a relationship, particularly where there is a family home, a business, pensions or other assets which need to be identified and distributed.

Our conscientious family Solicitors in Orpington and family Solicitors in Gravesend will discuss with you your concerns and then provide you with guidance about the most practical approach to resolving your financial matters, whether it is by negotiation , mediation or court action.

We can provide assistance and representation on all areas of Family Law including in the following areas:

  • Financial matters arising from the dissolution of marriage/ civil partnership, nullity or judicial separation (Financial Orders)
  • Pensions (Financial Orders)
  • Child maintenance (both married and unmarried couples)
  • Pre-marital agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Consent Orders
  • Property disputes for unmarried couples
  • International issues
  • Non-married couples rights (Trust of Land Applications)

We also give advice on taking preventative measures to avoid future points of dispute. We can prepare Co-habitation Agreements or Declarations of Trust where couples are moving in together and need to define how this will affect their property. A small amount of time and money spent at this stage can often prevent acrimony and litigation at a future date. Our specialist family Solicitors are able to advise and prepare the documents within a few days of receiving your instructions, if necessary.

Our Solicitors can also offer advice in relation to Prenuptial Agreements and how to protect assets, such as inheritances or pre-owned property, from a future claim.

``My case was dealt with proficiency and with a level of expertise which allowed the best possible outcome.``

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