When we lose someone close to us the process of administering their estate can be bewildering. Manak Solicitors is here to help and assist in whatever way is necessary.
When someone passes away leaving a Will, it is often necessary for the Executors under the Will to apply for a Grant of Probate. The Grant of Probate is a legal document that allows you to close bank accounts and sell property. Should the Estate be a simple one and the only assistance you need is help in applying for the Grant, Manak Solicitors offers a fixed fee Probate application process.

If however you need assistance with valuing the assets in an Estate, applying for the Grant of Probate and distributing the Estate to the beneficiaries, Manak Solicitors is also able to offer a full Estate Administration service.
Some Estates are subject to Inheritance Tax and we are able to advise and assist in the payment of the Tax from the Estate, as well as completing the relevant HMRC forms.

For those people who pass away without leaving a Will, Manak Solicitors is also able to advise regarding the Intestacy Rules and assist in administering this kind of Estate.

We offer an initial appointment to discuss what needs to happen when someone passes away for £50. This meeting can also include advising on the contents of the Will and working out whether any Inheritance Tax is likely to be payable from the Estate. If you wish to book in for an appointment please call either our Orpington office on 01689 870769 or Gravesend office on 01474 324529.

Contested Probate

Manak Solicitors is able to advise in relation to disputes that arise regarding Wills when a family member passes away and deals with Inheritance Act Claims (acting for both claimants and defendants) as well as claims in relation to the validity of Wills. Should you be facing a situation where you believe a Will is not valid or was incorrectly made, or provision has not been made for you under a family member’s Will then please call to book an appointment with our Contested Probate Specialist.