It is unfortunate that there are many individuals and businesses who are not prepared to discharge their debts when due which can leave innocent individuals and businesses facing considerable cash flow problems and possible losses.

``You have been very professional, always responding to all of my queries and I’m really glad I had you handle my case``

Are you owed money?

Our Solicitors in Gravesend and  Orpington understand and appreciate how frustrating it can be to continue chasing the culprits without seeming to get anywhere.


If you are owed money, our debt recovery Solicitors can assist.

You will be surprised at the effect a letter from us can have on the recipients.

We are fully equipped to issue legal proceedings, regardless of the sums involved and pursue your debtors all the way to obtaining judgements and enforcing the same via the use of Bailiffs and High Court Sheriffs where appropriate.

Our Costs

Perusing Contract and One Letter Before Action – £500.00

Preparing and filing a formal claim in a County Court – £750.00

Requesting judgement where the defendant fails to acknowledge service and/or file defence – £250.00

Instructing bailiffs after have obtained judgement as above – £350.00


Where the defendant files acknowledgement of service and defence our charges for all work done thereafter will have to be calculated as below –

  •   Usual litigation rates £275.00 per hour for any time spent in attendance, preparations, perusals, waiting and travelling
  • £27.50 per letter written, email send or telephone call made
  • £25.00 per letter or email received.


Above rates apply from the outset where the clam is for a greater sum that £10,000.00

All charges exclusive of VAT

You are responsible for all court fees and other disbursements incurred on your behalf

If you are successful with your claim the court fees and other disbursements and a nominal sum (approx. £70.00).

If the claim is less than 10,000.00 and a reasonable sum (approx. Two thirds of your actual costs)

If the claim is for more than £10,000.00, in respect of your legal costs will be recoverable from the other party.

Please be aware that the liability for our charges will rest with you from the start and will have to be paid by you as the matter progresses and regardless of whether, or not, you are able to recover your costs from the other party.

For more information please contact our Debts and Disputes specialist Solicitors in Gravesend, Orpington, Kent and London via our client contact form, directly by telephone or by email at

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