Property Disputes

If you own property with another person(s) and there is a dispute, we are able to assist.

We are able to advise as to your rights and value your case.

The typical scenarios we see are-
  1. Where you have contributed to the purchase of a property or in general but are not named on the legal title and wish to assert your rights.
  2. Where you are a joint owner and wish to sell the property but the other owner does not wish for this to happen.
  3. Where monies are owed to you by the other owner
  4. Where you are joint tenants (equal rights and your share passes to the other owner automatically if you pass away) and wish to change how the property is held so you can dictate whom your share goes to.
  5. Determining who has the right to occupy the property.

Such proceedings are usually governed by Trusts of land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.

There may be claims that a Trust has arisen or proprietary estoppel if a promise is relied upon and acted upon to the parties detriment.

We are able to resolve issues by writing letters to the other party setting out your legal position. If necessary, matters can be resolved by mediation or a Court if agreement is not reached.

We have many years of experience running such claims successfully for clients.

You can use our instant Instruct form by clicking here or call us on 01689 870760 or email [email protected]. We will come back to you quickly.

We are a multi accredited firm of Solicitors who work to the highest of standards. We have multiple reviews of satisfied clients. We work to a fixed fee provided that the matter is not contested which most are not. This gives you as a landlord certainty of cost. We will deal with matters efficiently.