Denise Asquith

My name is Denise Asquith. I have worked at Manak Solicitors for 13 years. Initially when I came here the company was very small, there were only three of us. I worked for Surinder who was the main partner and did all areas of law.

The company has grown considerably since then and I have worked in both the Orpington and the Gravesend offices. When the Gravesend office opened I came to work here but then went back to Orpington where I worked in the Conveyancing Department for Jas but have since cut my hours and only work three days a week and have therefore come back to Gravesend and I job share with Sonia.

I work for Surinder and also do some Wills and Probate work as well as helping out others if there is time.

My hobbies are swimming, walking, spin fit and running. In June I am taking part in the colour run in Danson Park to raise money for the local hospice.