Neighbour Disputes

We act for clients in neighbour disputes often. These types of claims, if not handled correctly from the beginning, can be very expensive and take a long time to resolve. Claims of this nature are emotionally distressing and can make you feel unhappy in your own home. It is important to resolve issues quickly, cost effectively and in a way which may maintain relations.

We see many types of disputes such as;

Boundary Disputes

These are complex issues which need specialist advice to resolve. Boundaries are often not reflected correctly on the land registry and are rarely a straight line.


Your neighbour may trespass on your land. We are able to obtain injunctions preventing this.

Right of Way

If a right of way is being prevented from being used, we are able to obtain court orders to enforce them.


A neighbour may replace a fence but encroach on your land. We can establish the position and assert your rights.

Nuisance & Harassment

Your neighbour may be harassing you over your rights or deliberately preventing you from utilising your rights. We can bring claims for this and seek an injunction to protect your position.

Most cases if settled result in each party paying their own costs. If you win at trial or a party discontinues, you can obtain costs but this is at the discretion of the Court.

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