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We used Samir at Manak Solicitors for an issue we had with a tenant. We found him to be very quick in responding to emails, which we find important. His knowledge of our problem was first class and he gave us great advise. We had a couple of zoom calls with him and he was friendly, patient and worked in a professional manner. We would highly recommend Samir at Manak Solicitors.

a month ago
Tony Rogers

I recently instructed Samir at Manik Solicitors to deal with a rather worrying situation. From start to finish, he was nothing but professional, informative and precise. All of my worries were taken care of, and, over the Christmas period, whilst being out of the country! Complete peace of mind, reassurance and a great all round service provided. I cannot thank you enough! All the best!

3 weeks ago
James J

Amazing Service from Samir Moftar and Manak Solicitors. My son recently received a fare evasion letter from our friendly local rail company. We were exceptionally concerned given that my son could receive a criminal record. We contacted Manak Solicitors who have excellent experience negotiating with the major rail companies. Samir Moftar quickly engaged on our behalf and resolved the issue within a week. We were amazed how quickly Samir was able to turn this around. We could not be happier with the service we received and will recommend Samir Moftah and Manak Solicitors to friends and family.

3 months ago
Jiten Masrani

I contacted Samir @ Manak Solicitors with just under 2 weeks until my court date for fare evasion.. I saw his reviews online, they all spoke very highly of his expertise in this area. I had no idea the complexity of this but Samir took my case on board straight away and helped me to resolve a stressful situation within 1 week. Made the process very easy and straightforward, great service! Highly recommended!

4 months ago
Alex Papa

The Manak Conveyancing team in Orpington were fantastic, a breath of fresh air, due to their proactive approach and always communicating either in person on the phone or by email- we always felt someone was there and available to help. We set them a challenge to exchange in a short period of time and they delivered as they said they would. I would certainly recommend them.

3 months ago

What is fare evasion?

Fare evasion is a criminal offence.

It refers to the act of avoiding paying the required fare or fee for using public transportation or accessing certain facilities or services that require payment. It typically involves individuals intentionally trying to ride public transportation or gain access to services without purchasing a valid ticket, pass, or permit.

Common examples of fare evasion include:

Transport companies especially train companies are actively pursuing prosecutions across the United Kingdom.

If convicted, you will:

Who are we?

We are a leading criminal defence law firm specialising in the train and transport fare prosecution defence. Our lawyers have successfully defended evasion cases and helped clients avoid a criminal record.

How can we help?

Manak Solicitors are highly experienced in defending fare evasion prosecution cases. We have worked with all trains companies in the UK and have established good working relationships with most prosecutors which helps our client to reach an out of court settlement on less harsh terms.

Call us now on 07731868916 in the first instance. Leaving the matter for too late incurs more cost to the train companies which makes negotiations less approving from the offender’s perspective.

List of rail companies we deal with for prosecutions cases?

We deal with almost all transport companies in the UK. Here is a list which is not exhaustive.

How much does it cost?

Unlike many legal firms who would charge by the hourly rate; we on the other hand agree a fixed fee at the inception. Our initial consultation is just £25. During this call, we will be able to determine the estimated work involved and can agree a fixed fee. Should you decide to go ahead with us, your initial consultancy fee of £25 will be adjusted to the fixed fee.

To find out more you may refer to the following information.

Transport for London (TfL): TfL typically provides data and reports related to fare evasion statistics within the London transport network.

Office of Rail and Road (ORR): The ORR may have information and reports related to fare evasion on railways in the UK.

UK Government Transport Department: The UK government may release statistics and reports related to transportation, including fare evasion cases.

Local Transport Authorities: If you are interested in specific regions or cities within the UK, you can check with local transport authorities for relevant statistics.

News Outlets: Occasionally, news outlets may report on trends and statistics related to fare evasion cases.

Call us on 07731868916 or send us an enquiry now. Time is of the essence.