Advice for Leaving a Business

Employment law can be a daunting subject, especially when broaching it with an employer you are about to leave. Whether you a leaving voluntarily or through redundancy or dismissal, having expert legal advice will put you in the strongest possible position moving forward. Seeking legal support from Manak Solicitors at your earliest possible point can:

  • Help ensure that any settlements are fair
  • Make sure you receive what you are entitled to 
  • Help negotiate improved settlements
  • Ensure that your employer maintains their contracted agreements
  • Ensure your rights are being upheld
  • Minimise impact of any post-termination restrictive clauses and covenants


Your existing contract and potential restrictions

Many employment contracts contain covenants or stipulations that dictate what you may not be able to do immediately after leaving a business. We are here to review your employment contract and confirm that any restrictions on your contract are unambiguous, reasonable and legal. We will ensure that you have a full understanding of your rights within these restrictions. This is especially pertinent if:

  • You are going to work for a competitor
  • You are setting up your own competing business

Manak Solicitors can guide you through your rights, obligations and procedures to ensure you start the next stage of your career on the best possible terms. 



From the moment you are informed that your position may be at risk, you have the legal right to a fair redundancy procedure. As with most situations within employment law, the sooner you seek legal advice or representation, the stronger position you will be in. 

Your employer will have many legal obligations to you during this process, including providing a redundancy consultation period. At Manak Solicitors we will ensure that you are aware of your rights and that your employer upholds all commitments to you, helping you to leave the organisation with the best possible outcome for you.


Settlement agreements

Sometimes when employees leave a business, voluntarily or otherwise, they are offered a settlement agreement. These can be used to agree the end of your employment, but can also be used to address previous or ongoing issues and disputes. 

If you have been offered such an agreement, it is imperative to acquire independent legal support to ensure that you are being offered a fair and legal settlement. You are not obligated to accept any proposed agreement and once you do, you waive your right to make future claims against your employer. Manak Solicitors will guide you through all negotiations to ensure you receive a fair settlement that puts you in the strongest position possible when leaving a business. 

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